Comic: Ray Comfort Billboard

Ray Comfort has been... visible in many ways over the years.. One of the more recent things he did was to put up a rather surprising billboard to promote his new book.

Why was it surprising to me? Because Ray Comfort almost made a billboard with a complete sentence on it.

Which lead me to try my hand (for the first time ever) at penning a comic. Don't be distracted by the ornate artwork.

Lest you think that I have oversimplified Ray's position, or inability to reason through this simple argument. Here's a quote from his site:

An atheist is someone who believes that nothing made everything. He will deny that through gritted teeth, because it is an intellectual embarrassment. But if he says of his Toyota that he has no belief that there was a maker, then he thinks that nothing made it (it just happened), which is a scientific impossibility. So, to remain credible, he falls back on something made everything, but he just doesn’t know what that something was. So he’s not an atheist--he believes in an initial cause. -

Would Ray like to comment on whether he is a Wind-God atheist?

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