Azeusism has caused every major atrocity in modern history!

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It happens far too frequently -- the lame atheism has caused more atrocities/death than Christianity/Islam/whatever argument.

This means that a compelling response has not been found.

If you are talking to a Christian who makes that argument, consider making the following argument. If he can discover exactly what's wrong about this argument, he has discovered exactly what's wrong with his own argument.

Find the flaw in the following argument:

Azeusism, or not believing in Zeus, has been the cause of almost every single major atrocity of the past several thousand years.

Mass murder. Genocide. Ethnic cleansing. Wars. Bad behavior in general.

Witch trials -- Azeusists.

Crusades -- Azeusists.

Holocaust -- Azeusists.

Hitler -- Azeusist.

Stalin -- Azeusist.

Mao -- Azeusist.

Pol Pot -- Azeusist.

Mastro Titta (executed 516 people ... for the Catholic Pope.  Seriously.) -- Azeusist.

Jim Jones -- Azeusist.

Also, in modern times, almost every serial killer has been an Azeusist.

Jeffrey Dahmer -- Azeusist.

It is patently ridiculous to split up the various atrocities into two camps; theist and atheist sponsored atrocities. Having Crusades on one side, and Stalin's adventures on the other makes no sense when there is an obvious theory that explains both atrocities.

Why aren't more editorials written into the newspapers with this kind of reasoning? If not believing in god has caused a bunch of atrocities, some effort should be made to figure out which god that people don't believe in has caused the most atrocities!

Personally, I think I make a rather strong case for Azeusism being the major cause of pain and suffering in this world.

End of argument.

Good luck out there with your own conversations!

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