New Design!

Ok, finally... I was so close for so long. I have the new site layout pretty much finished (I think).

Let me know if you see some obvious mistakes when you're clicking around, and let me know what you think of the redesign. If you are reading this through an RSS feed, come check out the site.

Now, as to not disappoint with a mere "Theme update" post, I'll throw in a few quick thoughts about the following youtube video:

This guy's name is Chad -- youtube handle: "RationalResponder" and he's a protege of Ray Comfort -- and it shows.

He analyzes a question he hears from atheists that goes something like, "Do you actually believe that Jesus rose from the dead or that a guy lived in a fish for a few days?"

His 1, 2, switcheroo argument/tactic summarized:

1. Agree with the skeptic that these miraculous events are miraculous.
2. Claim that the skeptic misrepresents Christianity if he thinks that there is a naturalistic explanation for the miraculous events.
The question asked by the skeptic, somehow, is a misrepresentation of Christianity, because Christianity has always said that the supernatural was involved with these miracles!
Switcheroo: Can you give me one reason why God, the creator of the universe, wouldn't be able to alter His creation in any way He sees fit?

First of all, I don't know a single person who thinks that Christians believe that miracles happened via natural means. There can be misrepresentations of what Christians believe, but this is just not one I have ever come across.

Second, I'm not sure that Chad wants to claim this method of thinking in his daily life. Is he suggesting that he believes any and every supernatural claim ever made because, well, God could do anything? My guess is that he has a fair amount of skepticism to any number of supernatural claims that I might make off the top of my head. Like, God caused rocks in my backyard to levitate during my childhood as long as no one was observing them, for example.

Would Chad ask me why I believed that? -- If he did, and I answered, "Well, you are misrepresenting my belief in rock-levitation by asking for a naturalistic cause -- or, perhaps you can give me a reason why God, creator of the universe, wouldn't be able to cause rocks to levitate?" do you think he'd be satisfied?

Let me know your thoughts on the new theme; and on Chad's youtube video and what response you might take if he responded to you that way.

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