Zeus punishes Christian Church

Zeus stabbed a church with its own steeple!

Steeple snaps, jabs church as storms rage into Salina

BY STAN FINGER  -- The Wichita Eagle

"...no one heard the steeple snap off and stab the roof like a spear shortly after 10:30 a.m., Train said. The tip of the steeple pierced the sanctuary, protruding perhaps 6 feet past the ceiling tiles."

Zeus stabs local church

Now that I have over 40 stories in my Zeus vs. Jesus reference.

I -- so far -- have no places of worship that were created by an Act of God. I'm looking for submissions if anyone comes across any. This list is getting to be embarrassing for Christians.

Places of worship Created by An "Act of God" Places of worship Destroyed by An "Act of God"
  1. Child Shocked By Lightning Strike Lightning Strike Occurs At Fairview Church
  2. Church Fire Rekindles — 100-Year-Old Building Destroyed
  3. Lightning Strikes Church, Starts Fire
  4. High winds rip off church roof
  5. Lightning Strike Hits Pittsburgh-Area Catholic School
  6. Members Clean-Up After Fire Damages Local Church
  7. Lightning likely cause of church fire
  8. Lightning Blamed For Church Blaze
  9. Congregation of church hit by lightning holds services
  10. Niagara County hit hard by storm
  11. Falkville church fire caused by lightning
  12. Witnesses: Lightning Causes Church Fire
  13. Bolt from blue ‘moves’ churchgoers
  14. Lightning strikes Liberty Chapel Church in Mount Carmel
  15. Lightning strikes Salem church steeple
  16. 17 injured as severe storms, tornadoes batter Mississippi
  17. Two rescued when flooding creek washed away car
  18. Possible tornado destroys Catholic parish hall
  19. Fire destroys steeple of Mount Vernon church
  20. Lightning likely caused fire at Genesee Depot church Damage extensive to 100-year-old building; 1 minor injury
  21. Lightning strike causes damage to church
  22. Bogue Chitto Baptist Church leaders are assessing damage after lightning struck the church’s steeple during a Tuesday afternoon storm.
  23. Manasquan church steeple damaged by lightning
  24. Agents Find Cause Of Fire That Destroyed 116-Year-Old E. TX Church
  25. Lightning Causes Damage In Central Fla.
  26. Freeport Storm Damage
  27. Historic United Methodist church destroyed by fire
  28. Episcopal church organized in 1881
  29. Church hit by bolt from above
  30. St. George’s Church Damaged by Lightning Strike, Fire
  31. Lightning hits Gratis church
  32. Services Still On After Lightning Strikes Church
  33. Lightning destroys Florence church
  34. Tornadoes blamed for Illinois storm damage
  35. Southeast Texas church damaged for a third time in four years
  36. Lightning strikes Dewey church
  37. Fire Fells Historic North Fork Church
  38. Lightning bolt jolts old Lynn church, sparks steeple blaze
  39. Maspeth church destroyed in blaze
  40. Lightning strike won't halt services at Mt. Washington church
  41. Firefighter Injured After Church Struck By Lightning
  42. Steeple snaps, jabs church as storms rage into Salina
  43. Altus church total loss after lightning strike
  44. Sedley church burns
  45. Article: Lightning bolt strikes mosque facing Church of the Holy Sepulcher
  46. Tuesday’s Storms Hit Hawkins Church

I have had interactions related to all of this with RD Rauser (a professor of historical theology) who claims that he had experiences that jive with Yahweh existing -- like that time when he almost got into a bicycle accident, and only got slightly injured.

I grant him, perhaps his Yahweh exists. Perhaps Zeus exists.

Either way, it looks like Zeus is winning this battle.

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