Resurrection of Zeus

Some people may get the idea that I have a fascination with Zeus. I find him a useful foil.

I have re-read in recent days the breathless accounts of various "Resurrection of Jesus" evidence. It blows my mind -- and not in the way that the Christian writers want.

I wanted to write up an essay that highlighted one of the more bizarre episodes in the New Testament.

How many people remember the part where crowds think that the apostle Paul is Zeus in human form, and they try to sacrifice an ox to him? Remember what happens next?

The Jews in the surrounding towns come down and stone Paul to death.

Well, they thought they did. Paul was stoned to death, and dragged from the city, where he got up and went on his way. Apparently people were really bad at figuring out just when people had died back then.

Anyway, here my essay that highlights this bizarre series of events: The Resurrection -- of Zeus?

Let me know your thoughts!

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