Archbishop says allowing freedom of religion for teenagers is wrong

I don't think that this Archbishop would say that Freedom of religion should not exist for adults, but he doesn't think that it should exist for "kids" as old as 16...

Allowing pupils to opt out of school prayer is wrong, says Archbishop of Wales

"A law allowing 16-year-olds to opt out of prayers in assembly devalues and marginalises religion in schools, Dr Barry Morgan, the Archbishop of Wales, has warned.


All schools are required to offer a daily act of worship."

16 year olds should not be allowed to opt out of prayers -- an amazing statement, isn't it? And, ALL schools are required to offer a daily act of worship.

What is the principle being invoked here? That, if we allow freedom of religion to people as old at 16, then they might actually use those rights and think how unpleasant that would make the job of someone like, an Archbishop, to pick a job at random?

That we might be able to convince the people about our claims about the supernatural if we can keep repeating the nonsense for just a few more obligatory years?

This is just a really creepy example of allowing religion and government to mix -- obligatory schooling until a certain age that requires indoctrination. And complaints come in when the obligatory nature is removed when the kids are 16? Really?

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