Can God do evil? -- Tough question...

I've posted a new article. Atheists can ask a number of tough questions in the course of a conversation or debate with a theist that quickly lead to some interesting conclusions. The following question can be very effective:

Can God do evil?

It's important to get the types of questions straight. A few entries ago I mentioned that an atheist should focus on asking a theist to explain his own actions rather than God's -- Why worship an apparently evil God? Rather than: Why does God allow evil?

It's another matter all together to ask whether God is actually capable of doing evil. If He cannot do evil (for whatever reason), His omnipotence and praiseworthyness become highly suspect. If He can do evil, then there are some very interesting problems that arise for the theist.

Anyway, I entertain this question in a new article: Tough Questions: Can God do evil?

Let me know what you think!

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