Nightline on Does Satan Exist?

The tv show Nightline did a special episode on "Does Satan Exist?" which centered on a 'debate' between 2 hardcore Christian literalists in the "yes" camp vs. two 'skeptics' -- Deepak Chopra and some Bishop (both of whom believe in God at least as some kind of nebulous good force, just not Satan).

I guess I found it almost funny that the skeptics were New-Age/liberal Christians... almost. I have to admit, from what I saw, the only person who made a complete thought was Deepak Chopra, which I write with surprise.

It was a terrible show and a terrible debate.

The end of the show showed some audience questions, which on balance, were as vapid as what was going on in the debate. Apparently, some side tangent got stirred up when Chopra was saying that literalist Christian beliefs were primitive (especially in the age of the earth type questions).

People were trying to get Chopra to admit that this was a somewhat offensive view to hold, and that he thinks that his own beliefs about the age of the universe ( ~ 13 billion years old) were more sophisticated.

One woman said something along the lines, "how can you say that the forces of gravity and electricity and science and physics is a more real basis than my experience with Jesus Christ?"

It was so palpably bad...

New Tactic: Accept the consequences of an accusation to move beyond it:

Sure it is offensive that I think that science is a more sophisticated and reliable method for discovering reality than your faith. Why do you think you have the right answer? Sure, I'm claiming to hold more sophisticated beliefs, what's your point? Therefore Satan exists?

I would say to the further claims of having a relationship with the creator of the universe:  "I doubt that you have communication with any being outside your own head. Partly because I don't think this being will ever reliably tell you some true fact about the world that you don't already know. If you disagree, here's how we can test it in a manner that would be convincing to me.  Ask God to reveal to you my license number."

I wish I coulda been there...

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