Conversational Atheist tries his hand at a comic strip...

I got a little carried away with the artwork, the hats didn't need to be so ornate, but then again, I'm an artist and I think it's clear from my work that I have a great deal of talent for drawing. </sarcasm>

Actually, I hope that you enjoy the comic. It deals with Ray Comfort and a billboard that he put up...

Aside: One thing that I honestly don't understand, is that Ray is now claiming that his "bananas are an atheist's worst nightmare" video was edited so that it didn't show the Coke can analogy in the beginning, and just left it with the banana argument. This editing, apparently, doesn't not show that Ray was making a parody. There is no conceivable parody he could be making against anyone except himself because he only argues for his own position.

Without further ado: Enjoy my Comic: Ray Comfort Billboard

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