Update: A few decisions made...

It has been a while since I last updated. I've been thinking very hard the past couple weeks about exactly what exactly I want this website to be about, etc.

I have done the blog thing before (for years, actually) and been semi-successful with it (under different names that you may or may not be aware of). I began this website as a sort of clearing house for the essays that would comprise a book. I reluctantly added the blog feature so that I could post some small clippings of things that I had thought of as they occurred (or made announcements about new essays that I had written.)  Blogs are great, and they serve a purpose. I plan on continuing to update this website and blog as often as I find useful, but I am not intending for the blog to be the purpose for this site.

The essays on this site as they currently stand are in what I'd call a 2nd draft version. I still have the goal of writing a book, and I expect to do a full re-write on every single article that I've posted.

I've also decided that by the time I finish the book, fully half of the book will be posted to this website. The book is taking shape to be around 300 pages long (maybe more), and I've been writing a number of essays that will only appear in the book.

I also have about... 20 other projects that I'm working on simultaneously, and a few more that I am helping others with (one of which I hope to be allowed to go public with in the next 2 weeks).

Thanks for your support!  Expect to see a few new essays in the next couple of days!

- Conversational Atheist

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