Happy Valentine's Day?

I realize that I spend a disproportionate amount of time criticizing the major monotheisms of the world over polytheism. Today's post should go a small way to balancing things just a bit.

So... some people just really get upset if they see consenting adults dating. Oh man, don't even get started on how mad it makes some people to see others "cosying up to each other."

Valentine’s Day : Hindu radicals threaten to marry off dating couples

Friday, February 06, 2009

Indian couples planning to date on Valentine’s Day could end up taking vows sooner than expected, as a self-styled moral brigade, Sri Rama Sene (SRS), on Thursday threatened to marry-them-off forcibly, a report in the Indian Express said.

SRS founder Pramod Muthalik said his activists would hold protests at hotels, hostels and colleges where Valentine’s Day celebrations would be held, the paper said. “Those found dating, expressing their love, cosying up to each other would be married off,” Muthalik, who has been released on bail in the Mangalore pub attack case, was quoted.

The Magalore pub attack case? You know, where the 28 brave men upholding good conservative Hindu values went and beat up some women that were in a pub.

Mangalore pub attack: all 28 accused granted bail

Johnson T A Posted: Jan 31, 2009

Exactly a week after the attack on women at a Mangalore pub by the Right-wing Hindu outfit, the Sri Rama Sene, a magistrate’s court in the city on Saturday granted bail to all the 28 accused, including Pramod Muthalik, the Sene chief who is accused of instigating, justifying, and conspiring the attack.

*sigh* -- What is there to say when you publicly declare your allegiance with the Hindu god Rama? What would Rama do? Rama doesn't exist? Stop beating up women? If people canoodle and this upsets you, get over it?

These are difficult questions.

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