Former fundamentalist atheist rationalist neo-humanistic secular militant speaks out!

Sam Harris, author and neuroscientist.
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Sam Harris has written a response to the responses to an essay about the conflict between science and religion posted on  By the way, the title of this post comes from the concluding paragraph and Sam is writing satire (and is damn good at it).

It is awesome.

His essay can be enjoyed without reading any of the things that he refers to...although reading through the post and the responses first will give added enjoyment.

Feast on just one small sample from:

It's All True (link loads the page at Sam's response on the page that includes the original article and other responses)

For instance: it is now becoming a common practice in Afghanistan and Pakistan to blind and disfigure little girls with acid for the crime of going to school. When I was a neo-fundamentalist rational neo-atheist I used to criticize such behavior as an especially shameful sign of religious stupidity. I now realize—belatedly and to my great chagrin—that I knew nothing of the pain that a pious Muslim man might feel at the sight of young women learning to read. Who am I to criticize the public expression of his faith? Bateson is right. Clearly a belief in the inerrancy of the holy Qur'an is indispensable for these beleaguered people.

Ok, I just couldn't keep it down to 1 quote. One last bit from the same article:

Is there a conflict between scientific rationality and a belief in magic spells? Specifically, is there a conflict between believing that epilepsy is a result of abnormal neural activity and believing that it is a sign of demonic possession? Dogmatists like Coyne and Dennett clearly think so. They don't realize, as Dyson must, that the more one understands neurology, the more one will understand—and honor—demonology.

Read and enjoy!

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