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I am always interested in constructive criticism, on anything that I write.  Tonight, I looked at the reviews that users have given my articles...

I had many positive reviews, but here are 3 out of the 4 negative reviews that my Azeusism article got on Stumbleupon (the 4th was just a stream of profanity):

Quirken:    Over 99% of the world's population is "azeusist" these days. And nobody would ever use that term in a serious conversation anyway.'

The reason the argument works is that because almost everyone "these days" is azeusist, therefore every atrocity was committed by an azeusist. The term could be used in any conversation serious enough to think that atheism causes things like genocide. Especially if using the term gets the point across clearly and quickly.

rikuboshi:    The religiously inclined could use this to their advantage in an argument as well, you know.

I do not know. I cannot imagine the way that this argument would be advantageous to the religiously inclined. Perhaps someone can help me with this one?

droe82:    From the page: "End of argument."
Anyone who feels that they need to proclaim that their statement is the end of an argument is an intellectual coward. As far as I'm concerned, you might as well start sucking your thumb.'

Right... I was just making clear where the ridiculous argument ended and when I started talking again. He must be thinking that I was making the Azeusism causes atrocities argument for real -- and somehow missed the "Find the flaw in the following argument:" bolded headline that began the argument.

Then of course there is the note that was left on my site that said the argument was flawed because Zeus does not exist.

That is not the flaw, by the way.

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