Believers would allow nonbelievers to die for THEIR own faith...

I just read this rather depressing question and responses titled: If the day comes here in America that believing in Jesus Christ meant having your head cut off would you die for Him?

And, of course, there are plenty of people very eager to let themselves be killed "for their savior" -- I'm more interested in the answers to this question:

Believers who would die for your faith; would you let nonbelievers die for your faith as well?

In fact, I joined the website so that I could ask that question.

I will post a bit later after the question has had time to float for a bit.

Of course, to all the people would would let 2 nonbelievers be killed so that they could get by without renouncing their faith; I would like to ask a few further questions:

How high would that number have to be for you to renounce your faith?

If 100 nonbelievers were killed? 1000?

What if they were believers?

What if it was every human on the planet?

There comes a point where the answers to these questions become overwhelmingly disturbing...

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