You are attacking a literal interpretation of the Bible...

This "You are attacking a literal interpretation of the Bible" is a common challenge thrown up by Christians/believers and atheists alike.

When an atheist brings it up it is usually to mention why a particular argument they are reading about wouldn't work.

When believers talk, you often hear some kind of appeal to a more nuanced and suble faith that have that is somehow more sophisticated than the fundamentalist Bible believer.

Don't allow a person to say such things without being pressed to be more specific.

I just posted a new article: Response to: You are attacking a literal interpretation...

It gives you questions and more importantly a mindset to really dig in and find out what a person means when they say such "nuanced" things...

The article also involves a new tactic which emphasizes good information flow between people in a conversation -- not a tactical gambit to 'win'.

Let me know what you think!

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